Love a lab

Here I am cracking on with analysing my dissertation data back in August at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth. Between you and I….. I bloody love a lab 🔬

It’s not an animal, but it’s still alive! The Daily Nature Fix

I took the dog for a walk yesterday evening and I came across this stunning view! Made me realise how lucky we are to have views and places of outstanding natural beauty, like this one, in the uk. So it’s VITAL we protect them and the wildlife that inhabit there from major threats such as building developers. Keep these habitats safe = protect our wildlife! 

A mullet for a mullet

Today was the big day I set up my dissertation experiment on a offshore pontoon, in Salcombe. The sun was shining,  grey mullet were swimming around the boats and to be frank, it couldn’t have been more picturesque! Let’s hope the experiment works! (Details of experiment to follow…) I’ll tell you what though… I was left on this pontoon for two hours and MY GOD didn’t I need a flipping wee by the end!! Huge shout-out to the car park toilets.