Dissertation time… dun.. dun.. Duuuuun!

Yesterday I began the big journey called ‘It’s Dissertation Time’. Yup.. I am about to enter into my 3rd year of my marine biology and oceanography degree and this summer my focus has been on completing my dissertation experiment. My project is based around the impacts of toxic antifouling agents (the paint they coat boat hulls in to prevent the colonisation of animals forming). I am completing this on an offshore pontoon, in Salcombe, Devon.

Coming Soon to ToobysTravels!

“Thrilled to announce that a series of videos will soon be released on ToobysTravels. Discover the best places to go wild swimming. Learn how to light a fire in a survival situation and cook with fresh, local, hand foraged ingredients. Tooby will have it covered in her new series of videos currently being filmed. Watch this space!”