Form a Kew… Get it?

Ok so it’s a bit cheeky to kick start my London wildlife series at Kew Gardens… The wonderfully lush Gardens at Kew have been open since 1772 and are well worth a visit to see some spectacular, bee-friendly flower boarders, trees (so hippy friendly..) and wildlife like the sweetheart of a Coot in the video below. If you’re after some peace and quiet and a break from the mad City of London, then Kew could be your answer. There is a fee for entry, but you can take the tube there!!

These pictures were taken at the central lake at Kew.

© Eve Sanders

I am on a Mission **Panic All Around**

No really! I am on a mission. I have just moved to central London while I work for six-months on the river Thames (details of exactly what I’m up to on the river Thames to follow..) Now then, moving from a field in Devon to central London when you’ve lived in Devon for twenty-two years is a big jump, yes, but hear me out! Over the next six-months I challenge myself to find as much urban wildlife and nature as possible. I will be posting these findings and pictures on my blog page ‘The Daily Nature Fix’ – so stay tuned in. During my time here in London I want to fight for, and promote to governing bodies ways in which we can help protect our ever declining wildlife. I refuse to believe it’s too late. Now then… let the challenge commence!… Need a cup of tea already…