Itchy Feet

I don’t think the following makes sense either…..

I haven’t been away on an adventurous holiday for two years now (since Kilimanjaro in 2016), which may not sound like long (because it isn’t) but for someone who has an adventurous spirit and is also having a complete ‘nervy b’ because I finish university in six-weeks, two years is a very long time.

It’s only 11am in the morning and so far I have made the decision to become a game ranger in Africa, mountaineer and climb K2, farmer, soldier in the Army and lord knows what else… In other words, I’m confused. With the end of uni nigh, it’s all beginning to be just too much and frankly I’m currently in the mood to bugger off to Nepal and become a Buddhist monk and escape the modernisation of Western civilisation and the pressures that subsequently follow.

So yes, here I am, a bit of a mess, not knowing what the hell I am going to do with myself. But one thing is for sure. I am not the sort of person who can sit on the sidelines and passively accept what happens. I will end up doing something big in the next few years. Watch this space…. Sorry for the blabbering. I’ll stop now…. Stop…. Just stop.


Granny Grylls. Babe.

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that Bear Grylls’s granny likely got me into university. A little odd to drop into casual conversation, but most likely the bloody truth, as I shall now explain. As a youth (awful word…) I never believed I would go to university. Sure, I was maybe even eccentrically passionate about nature, but I didn’t have a great amount of academic confidence (most likely because I was a home educated hippy child – god bless you Mum!) It was 2014, I was 17 and it was my final year of studying at Paignton Zoo for a diploma (don’t judge me, I got to help train a gorilla.. a story for another day…). Our tutor Kathy (absolute babe and all round lovely lady) was giving us a talk on university applications. I had received a full set of distinction stars, yet still didn’t really have the confidence other kids appeared to possess. I wanted to be a veterinary surgeon, and by the time I finished at college, technically I could have been. But something was telling me to stick to my roots, to study wildlife. Marine biology was a subject I had on multiple occasions questioned my poor parents about. Particularly during a family trip to Tobago (on which I nearly got eaten by a python and dragged into the sea by a 9 pound tuna… again… for another day I think..) where I practically grew my own snorkel and spoke to the fish thinking I was one of their kind (home educated!!) So when the time came to write a personal statement for university, I smothered it in the only thing I believed I had going for me. Travel experience. My travelling experiences if you haven’t cottoned on by now have fortunately been packed with many curious events. By the time I was just 14 I had swam with sting rays, seen flying fish, taken a piss on a crocodile, fallen into a hippo swamp, had a baboon steal my toilet roll, vomited on a rare lizard, slept through a 6.7 richter scale earthquake, seen human bodies being burnt at the side of a road, been offered nine camels in exchange for my hand in marriage, summited a hymalyan peak with undiscovered asthma and finally, been left in a car park in Rabat while my father was being taken away by a McDonald’s cleaner who was armed with a mop and bucket and over excited about the fact an English man and his daughter were so hideously lost in the middle of Rabat’s rush hour….on a motorbike. So perhaps not your average childhood. I was so desperate to make my personal statement as brilliant as it could be. So I set myself the task of adding in a quote at the top of my statement. I was thinking of all the people that I truly admire and trying to avoid the people that so many other applicants might be tempted to use. So I settled for old Bear. Me and my mum were going through his book together and picking out lines we liked. Eventually we settled on a quote that Bear Grylls granny had wrote; “In life you can either sit on the sidelines and passively accept what happens, or you can get up and work hard for what you want”. What a lady. I feel sure that if it wasn’t for that quote at the top of my personal statement, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Cheers thanks a lot granny Grylls! Legend.