Squirrel and Chill…

I know … I know…. these guys are bad for the environment and pushed out our native red squirrels, but you have to agree they’re cute!! They’re so friendly in London compared to Devon squirrels – it’s nuts!… (sorry..) Not my most exhilarating post yet, I agree… but hope is in the air for tomorrow’s post! … Trust me on this one… (crowd goes wild..)

Extreme Dubai

Dubai.. my most extreme adventure yet… jokes! Spent the last couple of weeks sipping cocktails and dunking my legs into a pool. It’s a tough life!

Could this be love? The Daily Nature Fix

Here we have The Bugula neritina (B.neritina) a tiny, weeny bryozoan. A non-native marine organism found in Salcombe (and many other places!!) This little bab is currently in his early stages, and therefore is being looked at under a strong microscope. He may not seem like much, but thanks to this little fella – my dissertation is moving along quite nicely (stay tuned for more details…)

Plymouth 10k completed!

Today I completed the Plymouth 10k (in 1hour!!) raising money for Dementia and Alzheimer’s UK, running for nanny Sanders 😊 I had so much fun training and running with my good friend Lily. Onto our next venture – the Plymouth Half marathon!! And yes you guessed correct…. the photos are black and white due to the lovely shade of ‘heart-attack red’ I went after the run… One to add to the Dulux colour chart.. (you’re welcome 😏) …