Squirrel and Chill…

I know … I know…. these guys are bad for the environment and pushed out our native red squirrels, but you have to agree they’re cute!! They’re so friendly in London compared to Devon squirrels – it’s nuts!… (sorry..) Not my most exhilarating post yet, I agree… but hope is in the air for tomorrow’s post! … Trust me on this one… (crowd goes wild..)

Extreme Dubai

Dubai.. my most extreme adventure yet… jokes! Spent the last couple of weeks sipping cocktails and dunking my legs into a pool. It’s a tough life!

Could this be love? The Daily Nature Fix

Here we have The Bugula neritina (B.neritina) a tiny, weeny bryozoan. A non-native marine organism found in Salcombe (and many other places!!) This little bab is currently in his early stages, and therefore is being looked at under a strong microscope. He may not seem like much, but thanks to this little fella – my dissertation is moving along quite nicely (stay tuned for more details…)

Plymouth 10k completed!

Today I completed the Plymouth 10k (in 1hour!!) raising money for Dementia and Alzheimer’s UK, running for nanny Sanders 😊 I had so much fun training and running with my good friend Lily. Onto our next venture – the Plymouth Half marathon!! And yes you guessed correct…. the photos are black and white due to the lovely shade of ‘heart-attack red’ I went after the run… One to add to the Dulux colour chart.. (you’re welcome 😏) …

Little baba sea urchin!!

You have to admit, this little juvenile sea urchin is totally adorable?…. This little darling was found right here in Devon! Plymouth Sound to be exact. Amazing what you can find right on your doorstep (probably not literally… unless you choose to reside in a beach hut, in which case…. Cool!) I believe the scientific name for this beastie is ‘Echinocardium cordatum‘ commonly known as the ‘Sea potato’. I confess.. this photo is a few months old now, taken in February this year. Gaaaaaaw! Look at its little tiny baba hairs!IMG_2979