Cheeky foraging by the sea

Ok so mushrooms aren’t exactly what you might have been hoping for…. they’re hardly a cute baby sea urchin (‘sea’ previous post..) but they’re still wildlife in my eyes. These ladies were found at a secret, special, wild mushroom collecting place that only my family and I know about (just off the A38, near South Brent. Take the second exit at the main roundabout and follow for a mile and a half…) Wild field mushrooms. Aren’t they beautiful? They’ll be tasty too, once they’re fried in butter and garlic! ‘Tis the season for mushroom collecting now, so get out there and see if you can find your own dinner. On a serious note; Always ensure you’re confident the mushrooms you find are edible and harmless. There are plenty out there which can cause harm if eaten, or just take you on a magical, sparkly trip…. either way, do take care!