BIG Stuff is Around the Corner…

Thaaaaats right. You Heard me.

I am so happy and ridiculously excited to announce that ToobysTravels is going to be packed FULL of new videos (you may even hear me on your radio!), interactive events, posts and more in the next few months! Now is a good time to sign up and follow my blog as I bring you some fresh and exciting wildlife and adventure content. SO sit back… and enjoy the ToobysTravels ride (cheeky…) – you won’t be disappointed 😉 #ToobysTravels

Be as smiley as this monkey when you stay tuned with ToobysTravels… Ok that might not be 100% true… But I can say a smirk at the very least?.. I need a wee.blognight

Nurdle Cool at All…

Ok so a shit title from me.. Sorry. Desperate measures.

Ever heard of a Nurdle? Let me (no doubt) enlighten you… Nurdles are small plastic pellets that all plastic products are made from. Now, these bad boys on the beach and in the ocean are a real problem because toxic chemicals attach to them and wildlife are at risk of eating them. This causes thousands of wildlife deaths every year. See a nurdle? Pick it up to prevent a hurdle for wildlife.

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