It’s All Go! Steady…

Oh blimey, where to even start… Hold on to your hats!

As someone who likes the country life, the prospect of moving to London has never been on the cards, but after recently being offered an amazing internship opportunity in London working with the Thames Estuary, I felt myself quite thoroughly torn (like a post it note that’s been on your desk for 100 years and you tear it up into a million pieces, when you get bored during a long phone call). But I have now accepted it. There’s no going back. I am officially moving up to London at the end of July this year to help make the Thames Estuary a sustainable and healthy one. I really hope I can make a difference. I’m not even sure of the tasks I’ll be given yet, but I hope to contribute a lot and encourage greener places, less pollution and help the wildlife that lives there to thrive. London, I hope you’re ready for me…

Pretty exciting stuff aye? And as if you weren’t bored enough already of my absolute bollocks, I am now going to endeavour to convey my company idea to you (well sort of anyway… it’s still in its very early development stage, so I won’t get too carried away..). I’m in the process of developing a marine company in Devon. It’s a big project that aims to improve the lives of young offenders, substance abusers, mental health sufferers and other vulnerable individuals. I won’t reveal the details for now, but do watch this space. I really hope this is going to be a cracking project for me and that it will positively change the lives of many.

So there it is! I will soon be straddling London and Devon (not literally… ouch.) and juggling two worlds, but I’m excited to make it all happen.

© Eve Sanders

Itchy Feet

I don’t think the following makes sense either…..

I haven’t been away on an adventurous holiday for two years now (since Kilimanjaro in 2016), which may not sound like long (because it isn’t) but for someone who has an adventurous spirit and is also having a complete ‘nervy b’ because I finish university in six-weeks, two years is a very long time.

It’s only 11am in the morning and so far I have made the decision to become a game ranger in Africa, mountaineer and climb K2, farmer, soldier in the Army and lord knows what else… In other words, I’m confused. With the end of uni nigh, it’s all beginning to be just too much and frankly I’m currently in the mood to bugger off to Nepal and become a Buddhist monk and escape the modernisation of Western civilisation and the pressures that subsequently follow.

So yes, here I am, a bit of a mess, not knowing what the hell I am going to do with myself. But one thing is for sure. I am not the sort of person who can sit on the sidelines and passively accept what happens. I will end up doing something big in the next few years. Watch this space…. Sorry for the blabbering. I’ll stop now…. Stop…. Just stop.