One sided genes…

My big sister Bebe is a London living, extremely talented actress and (now!!) playwright. Her latest venture was writing and performing the incredibly wonderful ‘Pebbles’. This starred Bebe herself and her good friend Charlie. The performance was put on for four days at the Katzpace theatre, London and proved to be a huge success with the most amazing reviews being written shortly after. Very proud indeed 🙂 ….. Why does she get the looks/brains/genes??!!!! Darn it..Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.02.05

It’s not an animal, but it’s still alive! The Daily Nature Fix

I took the dog for a walk yesterday evening and I came across this stunning view! Made me realise how lucky we are to have views and places of outstanding natural beauty, like this one, in the uk. So it’s VITAL we protect them and the wildlife that inhabit there from major threats such as building developers. Keep these habitats safe = protect our wildlife!