Could this be love? The Daily Nature Fix

Here we have The Bugula neritina (B.neritina) a tiny, weeny bryozoan. A non-native marine organism found in Salcombe (and many other places!!) This little bab is currently in his early stages, and therefore is being looked at under a strong microscope. He may not seem like much, but thanks to this little fella – my dissertation is moving along quite nicely (stay tuned for more details…)

A mullet for a mullet

Today was the big day I set up my dissertation experiment on a offshore pontoon, in Salcombe. The sun was shining,  grey mullet were swimming around the boats and to be frank, it couldn’t have been more picturesque! Let’s hope the experiment works! (Details of experiment to follow…) I’ll tell you what though… I was left on this pontoon for two hours and MY GOD didn’t I need a flipping wee by the end!! Huge shout-out to the car park toilets.

Dissertation time… dun.. dun.. Duuuuun!

Yesterday I began the big journey called ‘It’s Dissertation Time’. Yup.. I am about to enter into my 3rd year of my marine biology and oceanography degree and this summer my focus has been on completing my dissertation experiment. My project is based around the impacts of toxic antifouling agents (the paint they coat boat hulls in to prevent the colonisation of animals forming). I am completing this on an offshore pontoon, in Salcombe, Devon.