My name is Eve Sanders. People call me Tooby. I have a BSc in Marine Biology and Oceanography from The University of Plymouth and I am currently working for the Thames Estuary Partnership.

I am a marine scientist hoping to pursue a career in both research and science communication (TV and radio presenting for natural history programs). Although I chose to focus my studies around the marine world, I have a passion for all things nature related. I also regularly embark on slightly odd/ridiculous adventures abroad.

Growing up in Devon, my childhood was spent on endless walks around the countryside and it wasn’t long before I discovered my real passion for adventures, wildlife and the great outdoors. I have been on many expeditions including riding a motor bike to Africa and back, and summiting a peak in the Himalayas. ToobysTravels is a place for me to share my frolicking/experiences and communicate my science to you. I hope you enjoy!

“I am truly grateful for the kind support ToobysTravels receives. Thank you. My aim is to create content that will edge out a giggle (or at the very least a smirk..) from you, whilst promoting important environmental issues and wildlife conservation. So please do me a favour and click follow… You won’t regret it.. (I hope…)”

Thankyou for visiting my website. You can stay connected to me and follow my adventures via:

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