Women’s Environmental Network

I’m hugely excited to be working with the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and City to Sea as an Environmenstrual Ambassador! I will be bringing period education to groups, schools and communities around London. So if you want to know more about plastic free periods get in touch! It’s time for period action. #RethinkPeriods

Through my work as an ambassador for Environmenstrual I’m aiming to make healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products the norm through education and taking action via:

  1. Raising awareness that conventional single use period products contain plastic and other harmful chemicals
  2. Encouraging women, girls and people who menstruate to try  reusable menstrual products or to use organic plastic-free disposable options
  3. Mainstreaming the conversation about periods and breaking down the taboo 
  4. Educating people on how flushing menstrual products can cause sewer blockages and pollute rivers, lakes, seas and beaches
  5. Calling on mainstream period products manufacturers to remove plastic and chemicals from their products

The Environmenstrual campaign is also helping to tackle period poverty. Sadly 10% of girls in the UK cannot afford menstrual products. Thanks to some inspirational campaigning (Free Periods Campaign) schools and colleges can NOW order free period products for their students through a new government scheme.

Being able to access free period products in school can have a huge impact on a young person’s ability to participate in their education and therefore reach their full potential. For some, this new scheme may mean the difference between attending school or staying at home when they have their period.


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