Two Scientists Walk in Into a Museum…

I know it’s not exactly London wildlife…. but they’re still in London? Aye?…. AYE??

The London Natural History Museum is truly a wonder. The feeling I get when walking through the doors is the same feeling a five year old gets on Christmas morning.. Pure excitement. If you haven’t been – do pay a visit. I visited today with a good friend from university and we had a ball. The pickled specimen section is my favourite. Ew.

As a scientist, visiting the NHM just makes me ask so many questions about the natural world. Why did birds evolve feathers? Why are so many butterflies brightly coloured?… It goes on and on… I’ll stop now. You’re welcome.

I also learned that a blue whale weighs 2027 times my body weight! Because I needed to know that…

Here are some smartly dressed butterflies for you… Pleasure..

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