Cupping Some Rather Ripe Tomatoes… Oi oi!!

London Wildlife Challenge day #4

Today I met with my big sister, Bebe and we headed off to the ‘Queen Elizabeth Hall Rooftop Garden’ situated along the SouthBank. All I can say is I was utterly amazed when I climbed the stairs to find the most beautiful beds of flowers and vegetables and not kept overly neat and tidy – which I loved (and makes it even more of a wildlife haven!) A nice little cafe means you can grab a great coffee too, while you enjoy the abundance of residing insects there. Butterflies, bees and beetles to name a few! In the photos you can see Bebe “rummaging for a bean” – her words not mine… and me cupping some lovely ripe tomatoes…. End of crude jokes.

Seriously though if you’re right in the city centre, go and have a look for this secret, wildlife oasis. It’s a wonderful place.

© Eve Sanders (ToobysTravels)

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