Pondering on Pond Life…

Struggling with missing my home in Devon after recently moving to London – I decided to go pond dipping (because I’m secretly four years old…) “Pond dipping in London?!” I hear you say.. well yes! Now I’m not going to pretend I was expecting to find a lot, after all I’m in central London where there’s less wildlife right? WRONG! Equipped with nothing but a small net and sat cross legged in my pyjamas (what a grotesque image… I apologise..) I found a huge abundance of species, from enormous frogs to small water Arthropods! Now, I am very fortunate to have a well established pond in my garden, but fear not if thy self lacks a pond. A small washing up tub (available from… well any where to be honest…) dug into the ground, or even just placed on a patio/balcony with some stones leading up to it, so wildlife can enter will do the trick! Not bad for day two of my London Wildlife Challenge aye?… Don’t be so cheeky..

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