Nature it up a Bit… Cheeky

When I wrote my first ‘Seasonal Jobs’ blog post last year, my intent was to create one every month (and we laaaaughed and laaaughed), but that didn’t happen because of who I am as a person. So anyway… Here is one now.

Now we are creeping towards late summer many changes are occurring in nature. Birds are seeking shady places to sit and hide while their feathers change in the summer moult. Birdsong will start to reduce and new young birds will be exploring their environment (gaaaw bless their cottons!) As for mammals and amphibians; Young frogs and newts will be leaving their birth ponds and moving further afield.

If you want to encourage moths into your garden (who wouldn’t…), planting sea lavender, buddleias, Centranthus rubber and Lychinis to attract day-flying moths will be a smashing start to your ‘mothy’ adventure. You can also help our furry flyers by planting night-flowering, nectar-rich plants. Oak, birch, willow, hawthorn and hornbeam will support many baba moth caterpillars, along with many ornamental garden plants.

Allow seed heads to develop on some plants as a food source for many birds and insects. On this seedy note (naughty…); Now is the time to start gathering wildflower seeds and scatter them for next year’s wildflower meadow that you’ll undoubtedly already be planning for….


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