Beat Box?.. Or Bat Box?

How the bloody hell is it April…. Beats me! But all the same I thought it was about time for another seasonal jobs post, so here it is.

Tis’ the season for whacking out the old builders-bum tea and making yourself a bat box (ensuring you use untreated and unplanned wood). These boxes are a fantastic way to encourage these majestic critters into your gardens and outbuildings. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t move in instantly. They like to take their time and it will take them a while to find and use your handy work for nesting. Compost heaps and ponds generate the types of insects that bats like to eat. You can also plant white or pale coloured flowers that are more visible to nocturnal, night-flying insects such as moths, which are another valuable source of food for bats. Avoid using pesticides in your garden too! Poorly bats will not thank you!

Migrant birds from Africa such as willow warblers, housetrains, swifts and swallows will have now arrived. It is a perfect time therefore to set up nest boxes for these marvellous fellows and to ensure all your bird feeders are regularly topped up!

Now make another cup of tea.. maybe grab a cheeky biscuit or two (oop, naughty!) and watch the spectacular spectacle of wildlife flooding in to your garden.


TT x

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