Let the Training… Commence!!


For my Kilimanjaro climb, I have been mainly training on Dartmoor National Park.. and yes.. yes there is an escaped lynx currently running around on Dartmoor.. moving on..

I’m so lucky to only live twenty minutes away from the moor and with its high tors, hills and regular cup of tea vans, it makes it the perfect place for getting fit and training for kilimanjaro. I have been regularly going for long walks, listening to ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder on repeat and pretending I’m a bond girl on the run *cough*…  I would recommend Dartmoor to anyone wishing to have a cheeky little adventure in the great outdoors, or for hippies who simply want to become ‘at one with nature’. Anyway.. Dartmoor is fantastic and thankfully never becomes too horrifically busy even in the summer holidays, rarely do you come across lobster red families, with too short pink shorts on. However, I can promise you a glimpse of ‘carpark picnic people!’

Some beautiful spots on Dartmoor I highly recommend:

  1. Widdecombe-on-the-moor – Gorgeous little village with beautiful moorland walks surrounding it (also the ‘Cafe on the Green’ has awesome hot chocolates, so you can replace the calories you lost on the walk..)
  2. Hound tor – near Manaton.
  3. Hay tor – Near Newton Abbot. Great tor for climbing!
  4. Warren House Inn – Fantastic pub for drinks. Set right in the middle of nowhere and with beautiful surroundings. Plenty of walks lead from this area, if you manage to leave the pub!

Enjoy the outdoors!

ToobysTravels x

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