Science Papers… With a Twist

For anyone who is a scientist, or is studying a science subject, you will have read many published, scientific papers. Of course if we have an interest in the subject of the paper then it is usually of interest! However; Have you ever found that the intense language and structure used, leaves you beginning to push out the old Z’s? If this is the case then don’t fear. You are not alone. I am a 19 year old university student, studying marine biology and oceanography at the university of Plymouth and the amount of scientific papers I have to read is insane. Now of course I have a interest in these papers and indeed usually the subject they are on, but I do find that the way they are written is often unnecessary and well… Boring! I understand that science is important and something that should be taken seriously, but why the boring tone of language? Obviously some papers are based around a saddening and often serious subject and these should be written in a tone that is appropriate. For example, you wouldn’t want to add humour to a paper written about the devastation to coral species, or the decline in tiger populations, but what would be wrong with publishing a journal that the general public can understand? A journal that would inspire, encourage a smile and yet still relay the important scientific information contained in the report?

This has crossed my mind a number of times and being someone who likes to make things happen, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and start an online science blog that has my own research written in a comical and easy to understand language for all to enjoy reading and learning about the topic I have studied. I hope that by doing this it will encourage others to study science and the environment and also allow the general public who may have previously been put off reading scientific papers of interest, to start reading them again. Obviously only being a student myself, my reports are not yet published. But they will still be honest research projects carried out either by myself, or with my friends on my course at the university.

Please follow my blog for my papers that I hope will edge out a giggle or two from you. As well as a full time student, I am also a keen adventurer who pursues some pretty strange and whacky adventures. Follow my blog for cool pictures and updates on my adventures. Thank you and take care!

Eve – ToobysTravels

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